Angel's Story

Close up portrait of Angel

Hi, friends! I'm Angel...

Can I tell you my story?

Several years ago I was dropped off at the city shelter. I was paralyzed and incontinent. Wee Rescue Austin saved me and took me in.

Angel being fitted for her wheelchair

I had an amazing foster mommy who loved me and got me a set of wheels and lots and lots of aqua therapy. She taught me to use my stomach muscles to walk. It took a lot of hard work but....

Angel waiting at door

It worked!

After a lot of hard work I re-learned how to walk again. I was still incontinent, though, and needed to use diapers.

Now I just needed to find my forever home. But since I still had special needs, like wearing diapers, having leg tremors, etc, it scared off a lot of potential adopters.

  • Angel in Susan's arms with paw over face

    Then I got sick...

    Life was awesome with Mom. We were a natural family from day one. We went everywhere together. We were inseparable. She even bought me my own yoga mat because I kept stealing hers!

    But then one day I got sick and couldn't eat or drink for days. Mom freaked out big time!!!

    (She told me not to tell you that part but, hey, this is a true story. She sobbed like a baby at one point. Just saying...)

  • but Mom used food to heal me...

    So after consulting with my doctor she put me on bone broth. In 24 hours my eyes were clear and shiny like never before and I had all this energy. Mom threw away my dry food and started cooking all my food and snackies from scratch. She fed me not only healthy fresh fruits and veggies but also things like tumeric, spirulina and coconut oil.

    She kept a journal and called it The AngelFood Diaries. She tracked all my progress and realized I had better leg control, bladder tone and had fur as soft as velvet!

  • Angel sitting on Susan's lap sitting outside

    so we started AngelFood Barkery!

    Then one day I told Mom that there were probably other dogs out there that would love our food and be interested in the some of the awesome activities we do as a yoga, meditation and cooking together! So we started this company.

The company that love built...

While we definitely want to share our gourmet eats, wellness packages and care services with other dog families to help them feed their bodies and nourish their souls well, we also want to use AngelFood Barkery as a way to give back to the canine community.

Mom and I are so grateful for all the help I received when I needed it. It is our heart to help as many other dogs as we possibly can.

Please read on to learn about our vision for AngelFood Barkery and our long term dreams...they are pretty awesome!


Feed the Body & Nourish the Soul

For every bag of snackies purchased and every event or service booked Mom and I give 10% off the total purchase price to a rescue, shelter or canine non-profit.

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