Collection: Bark-cuterie

Bark-cuterie...does it even need an introduction?! 

What are our Bark-cuterie Boards perfect for?  Everything!

If you are like us, your life is built on all those special moments shared with the ones you love...birthday parties, backyard BBQs, anniversary celebrations, graduation parties, holiday dinners.  

But when your house is packed with people and your fur baby is turning on the charm with those puppy dog eyes he is bound to be fed lots of table food that is not good for him.  That's why we created our Bark-cuterie Board Collection.  

Artfully arranged with an assortment of dog-friendly plant-based "people" food, our 10x10" palm leaf boards are a stunning addition to any social gathering.  Simply place a sign by the board or let your guests know that when your pup turns on the charm they can gladly feed him something from his Bark-cuterie board.  

Bark-cuterie Boards also make great centerpieces for a dog party or as a thoughtful gift when visiting your favorite dog-loving friends!