Welcome to The AngelFood Diaries

Welcome to The AngelFood Diaries

Hi, friends!  Welcome to our blog! 

At AngelFood Barkery our motto is:  

Feed the Body ~ Nourish the Soul

Our main website is where you can get all kinds of amazing snackies, boards and platters to feed your pup...and yourself (check out our event packages!) really really well.  

But here on our blog is where you can nourish your soul!

If you have checked out my story on our about page then you know that our recipes were born out of Mom's attempts to heal me when I got sick.  But let me give you a little insight into just what The Angel Food Diaries is...and what you can expect from this blog.  

One day, after I got sick and Mom started making my food, she was standing in the kitchen stress eating a bag of potato chips.  (Hey, it's the truth.  And at AngelFood we always tell the truth!) I was begging hard for those potato chips but Mom was not caving.  

She looked at me and said "Sweetie, I can't feed you this.  It isn't good for you."

That's when the lightbulb went off in Mom's head.  She isn't just a pretty face, you know, sometimes she has great ideas.  If the potato chips weren't good for me then why was she feeding them to herself?!

Mom tossed that bag of chips in the trash and grabbed a notebook.  Across the front page she wrote "The Angel Food Diaries".

"Angel, for the next 90 days you and I are going to eat exactly the same foods.  If I would not give it to you, then I won't feed it to myself.  We are going to see how healthy we both are at the end of this experiment."

Mom not only kept a diary of our food but also our exercise, our bed times, our energy levels...all kinds of stuff. 

But then, as we started on this 90 day journey, something happened.  As Mom would be talking to me she would hear God speaking to her about that very same thing.

For example, if I got too anxious for my food and didn't think Mom was preparing it fast enough she would say "Angel, you have to wait.  It's not ready yet.  I can't give you food if it's not ready yet."  And then, she would hear a soft, gentle voice say to her "But you are like that with me. You get impatient for good things when I am trying to prepare them for you. You have to wait till your blessings are ready."

Mom was stunned.  She also felt excited, blessed and a whole host of other emotions.  She started jotting down these interactions with Jesus in our notebook as well.  

By the end of the 90 days Mom and I were much healthier, happier and....connected to God. 

What started out as a way to gain insight into the foods that would help heal my furry little body turned into a journey into the heart of God and his deep, deep love for Mom.  

Mom knows that Jesus loves all of us this way, not just her, and so she knows that the insights she gained during those 90 days....and continues to gain as she grows in her walk with the Lord, can help others the way it has helped us.  

So if growth in a walk with the Lord, with God, is something that your heart yearns for then this blog is for you. 

If you are curious to know more about what Heaven is actually like, then this blog is for you. 

If you are curious to understand certain passages of Scripture on a whole new level that reveals the loving heart of God for you in a way you have never been taught before, then this blog is for you. 

Even if you are curious, searching, wandering on a journey and interested in what we have to say here, then this blog is for you.  

And if not, then we still love you and hope you will support our company because our heart is to use AngelFood Barkery to help as many doggies in need as we possibly can.  

Thanks for reading! 

Love and Puppy Kisses, 


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