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Organizations We Support

Hi, friends!

At AngelFood Barkery your PURCHASE has POWER! 

We give 10% of all sales to a canine-related rescue, shelter or non-profit!

Read below to learn about the AMAZING organizations Mom and I are proud to support.  And if you know of any others, please reach out to us!  We are always looking for good causes to lend a paw to.  So don't be a us today! 

Hugs and Puppy Kisses, 




Wee Rescue

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With a motto of "Small Dogs. Big Hearts" how can you not love these folks?

Near and dear to our hearts, this is the rescue who saved Angel back in 2017!  Wee Rescue is run entirely by volunteers and is funded completely through donations, including employer matching funds, so check with your employer today! 


Ozzie to the Rescue - Canada 

 Their slogan is "Saving One Dog at a Time".

  Using that method Ozzie to the Rescue has saved hundreds of dogs and shut down multiple puppy mills! 

 We love our big-hearted friend & Ozzie's founder, Jennifer Cormier. 

Jennifer  and her team of all-volunteer foster mamas just north of the border in Niagara, Canada rescue dogs - especially senior dogs and dogs with special needs - from Texas and transport them to their Niagara-based operation where the dogs receive the medical and emotional healing they need before being adopted out to loving homes. 

Check out Ozzie's website to learn more about this amazing organization.  




Train a Dog Save a Warrior 


TADSAW is known for saving a life at both ends of the leash by rescuing dogs from shelters and then training those dogs to become certified Medical Alert Service Dogs for Veterans in need.  

Founder (and force of nature) Bart Sherwood began TADSAW over a decade ago to address the urgent need of Medical Alert Service Dogs for returning Veterans.  Bart and his network of trainers have flipped the service dog training paradigm on its head by their unique approach to efficiently and effectively meet this need in our community.  
All service dogs are trained directly by the Veteran they will be serving, establishing the bond from day one as well as empowering the Veteran when they need it most!  
Not one to rest on their laurels, TADSAW has moved beyond solely serving the Veteran community and is now providing dogs to children and civilians in need.  
There is so much more to this program that we love.  We could go on and on...but we will let you watch the video and check out TADSAW's website for yourself.  


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