God Watches Over Us Like a Dog Mom

God Watches Over Us Like a Dog Mom


I don't know if you are like me but sometimes I can read these grand promises of God in the Bible and feel a little numb to them.  It's almost like what I am being promised is too good to be true and my brain can't even fully process the overwhelming love I am being offered by God in a particular passage.  

Or sometimes I can read the same passage over and over again to the point where that particular promise of God loses its freshness.  That sounds incredibly dumb as I write it, but it's true...and I have a feeling I am not alone on this. 

When I feel myself getting this way God will gently tap me on the shoulder, clear His throat and say like, "How about we relate this to you and Angel so you can grasp it a little better."  

The particular passage this happened with most recently was in Psalm 121, vs. 3-4

He will not let your foot slip - He who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. 

I have meditated on that passage so many times but do I really grasp what it means to have the God of the Universe watching over my life 24/7?  I probably don't. 

BUT...I do know what it feels like to watch over Angel. 


When we are outside together I am focused on her.  It's really not the time to meditate or become engrossed in a book.  My eyes need to stay mostly on her for several reasons: 

  1. She is small and sometimes when she lays in the grass the giant hawks stalk her. 
  2. She is sneaky and loves to crawl under the deck when she thinks I'm not looking.  You know, under the deck, as in the place where the bugs and raccoons and possibly snakes like to hide out.  
  3. Her back legs don't work so well so if she does crawl under the deck she could get stuck and have trouble getting out which is bad for a whole slew of reasons (see point #2)

When we are out on a walk I have to make sure she is always in my sight (never lagging behind me) because sometimes her back legs get tangled together.  Does she stop and ask for help?  No, of course not.  She keeps going with her front paws and just drags her back legs.  

When we are home I have to keep an eye on her to watch out for pee pee accidents or back spasms. 

And even when I am asleep I will wake up in the middle of the night and know when she has soiled her diaper and needs to be changed.  I have this sixth sense and I'm never wrong.  



Why am I like this with Angel?  Because she is my little girl. She is my responsibility to care for and I love her with all my heart.  I also know she has special needs and requires extra attention to stay safe, happy and healthy.  

None of what I have just written above is a burden, chore or bother.  I love Angel as much as I have ever loved another living creature and watching over her is one of my greatest joys.  

Same goes for you and me.  We are God's little girl and little boy.  We are his responsibility to care for and He loves us with all of HIS HEART.  And that is a lot bigger heart than the one I have inside of me. 

Think about it....I am capable of all this love, care and attention for Angel and I am a flawed human.  Now, take all that love of a dog mom and multiply it by a billion trillion times and maybe you can start to imagine God's amazing watch care over us. 

Just like I know Angel has special needs and requires a certain attention, God knows the special needs (both physical and spiritual) of each one of us.  He knows when we are going to get our back legs tangled up but not bother to stop walking; so He makes sure to help us get untangled.

He is always alert and watching so that no hawk swoops in on us when we are relaxing in the grass and He certainly is aware that we are going to try to sneak under the deck when we think no one is looking. 

God even knows to watch out for the times we are going to be spiritually incontinent and pee all over the rug.  He's there to help us clean that up too. 

And even when we are fast asleep God is right there by our side, watching us breathe, musing at how cute we are when we drool on the pillow and making sure we don't need a diaper change.  

So the next time you need to place God's love for you in context, just look at your dog, feel your heart expand, and multiply that by infinity. 

Love and puppy kisses, 

Angel's Mom (a.k.a. Susan) 



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